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Bambah Boutique Dubai

There’s a rather special place on Jumeirah Beach Road full of beautiful things, but I’m not going to tell you about it because then it won’t be special any more.

Vintage Chanel

Bambah Boutique Dubai

Actually I will tell you about it, because I’m nice like that. I found myself driving up and down Jumeirah Beach Road looking for Bambah Boutique a few weeks ago. I was going there to shoot a cover for work because people told us it had a bit of something going on.

The exterior of the boutique, facing a little plant shop, is nothing special but when attempting to park outside I spotted what looked like an entire shelf of Chanel handbags through the window! I rushed inside and was confronted by row upon row of beautiful vintage clothing, old trunks and suitcases, a 70-year-old Marie Antoinette style sofa, vintage Chanel bags, ornate mirrors, Marilyn prints, delicate clutches and reconstructed clothing made from amazing fifties fabric. It’s actual vintage heaven.

I tried on all the Chanel handbags. And then I had a cup of coffee with lovely April who works there and promised to return and buy everything when I become famous. If you’re a vintage fan or just fancy hanging out in super girly surroundings for an hour, go here. Try on all the handbags, treat yourself to something small and for the love of god, don’t sit on the sofa 🙂

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