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Weekend Links #18

I’ll start this weekend links post by saying I’ve just finished making an order on Cult Beauty.

It’s my birthday this month, and they encouraged me to treat myself by sending me a discount code, so…

I ordered Sam McKnight Cool Girl texturising hair mist, Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder (I love a bit of hype) and LIXIRSKIN Soft Clay Rubber Mask.

The latter dries to er, rubber and then you have to rub off to remove it – sold.

There’s not much else on my radar at the moment, but if there’s a product you think I urgently need in my life, please let me know, and I will duly rush out to buy it.

Now, on to the main chat.

I took a trip up to Newry a few weeks ago with the boys and duly descended on Sainsbury’s for some cheap(er) shopping.

In the wine aisle (where else would I be) I spotted a super pale rosé called Étoile by Mirabeau En Provence. Unfamiliar to me, but similar in tone to my one true love, Whispering Angel, I thought I’d try it out – and OMG. It’s incredible.

But now I’m going to complain. The sole stockist of Mirabeau in Ireland is O’Brien’s who have zero stock anywhere apart from their Athlone store (they have two bottles. If you live in Athlone I insist you get in your car right now and grab them so you can #liveyourbestlife).

I’ve messaged Mirabeau on Instagram to ask them what the story is, and whether they’re planning to stock anywhere else soon so I will duly keep you updated because good rosé is hard to find, lads.

In the meantime, if anyone has any stonking (pale AF) rosé recommendations for me, please send them on.

I finished reading A Moment of Grace by Patrick Dillon last week and oh my lord; it’s devastating.

Beautifully written and very moving, it tells the story of the Author, Patrick, his wife Nicola, and their last 13 months together before she died from Leukemia.

Although I found myself reading through tears at times, it’s not a sad story, as it says on the front of the book.

It’s a graceful, uplifting memoir of Patrick and Nicola’s love and their unwavering positivity in the face of a disease that took her away so quickly.

Patrick’s writing is just beautiful, and although I knew the ending, as it approached I found myself wishing for a different outcome.

Highly recommend.

I’m still podcast obsessed at the moment, and currently knee-deep in the Jonestown series on Casefile.

It’s fascinating but hard going, and I’m amazed at the finer details of the case, which no doubt flew over my head as a teenager when I first read about the massacre.

Other amazing podcasts on my radar; Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell (Burden of Proof in Series 3 is particularly incredible), In the Dark by APM Reports, and Slow Burn, a podcast about the Watergate scandal.

Lastly, fake tan. I spoke about this yesterday on Instagram Stories, but I’m going to talk about it here again as I’ve had so many messages.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Dry-Oil is my new jam, for the following reasons:

It’s instant. It’s incredibly easy to use. It’s dry within minutes of using it.

It doesn’t streak or look too orange. It doesn’t stain your clothes or bed sheets.

Once applied, (I use a mitt, but lots have reported success by applying with hands) it lasts up to a week.

It smells very strongly of coconuts.

It’s a winner for me because I am honestly cack-handed at applying tan, and I feel like this is fool-proof.

It’s on offer in Boots right now and on Look Fantastic. I bought mine from ASOS.

And that’s all for now, my friends.

Have a lovely week ♥

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