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Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation

I remember reading the announcement on Allure about Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation and thinking ‘WTF’ followed swiftly by ‘well, I’m never using that’ 😆

And then it launched in a million shades (40) and I still thought ‘mmm, no’.⠀
⠀And then I found myself in Sephora weeks ago, looking at it, while simultaneously giving out about the packaging, and still thinking ‘no’.⠀

And then I swatched it on my hand, and thought ‘oh’. And I blended it in and thought ‘ohh’. But still, ‘no’.⠀

But then, because of the ‘oh’ and then the ‘ohh’ I went back to buy it (in shade 1.40) and now I’m quite glad I did.

I applied it early this morning and one word came to mind once it was on. Smooth. My skin looks so smooth and luminous with this on. ⠀

Other thoughts: it’s wearing well so far. Medium coverage. It’s quite a sticky kind of formula, which is interesting – but it’s not heavy/cakey. Blends nicely. ⠀

I know the packaging concept is to get you to dispense the foundation ON TO the bottle (the opposite side of the bottle in this picture) and then you’re supposed to use your Beauty Blender to pick up/apply, but I absolutely loathe this. ⠀

Why on earth would I want to smear foundation on my foundation bottle? #thehorror 😲 No thanks. ⠀

Instead, I hold the bottle face down, and dispense it on to my hand, then apply. ⠀

And that’s all I have to say (for now).

It’s not in Ireland yet but you can order online from Cult Beauty.

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