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The cold shoulder

The cold shoulder top.

Yes, I am late to the game as usual… but, whatevs 🙂 Let’s discuss!

So I was browsing ASOS, and I saw this top, and I thought ‘oh my god’.

Could I wear this? Would it suit me? Will the colour look OK? Will I be cold? The answer to all (aside from the latter) is YES.

We all need this top in our lives, seriously.

I had an outrageous amount of compliments when I wore this, both in real life and online 🙂

I slung it on with a pair of jeans from Zara and my new favourite denim jacket from Topshop.

It’s a nice length, a nice loose fit – but not too billowy/saggy, and I really love the colour.

Perfect with jeans, and it’s one of those pieces that really dresses everything up in a sort of low-key way.

I’m just great with words, eh?

In my defence, I was up until 1.30am this morning drinking wine at my Sister In Law’s and eating all the cheese and crackers.

It’s tough being at home lads 😉


Anyways, back to the top.

One important feature of this beauty is that the cold shoulder element isn’t too big.

This is important.

I’m somewhat conscious of my arms, so the thought of them flapping out there for all to see fills me with a cold kind of dread, but the cut of this is subtle and flattering. Yay!

So that’s it, that’s all I’m good for this evening. It’s time for pyjamas, tea, and Coronation Street.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

P.S My order from Zara finally arrived today.

I’m not feeling too fresh after last night so I will open and try on all the things tomorrow. Send positive vibes 😉

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