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New makeup and skincare I’m loving

These bits are all new(ish), or new to me and I started using them in the last 2-3 weeks or so.

I’m also trying some other new makeup and skincare products but these are the ones that have already fallen into the ‘highly recommend’ category 🙂

Origins Original Skin Rose Clay Mask

I picked this up from an Origins boutique in Singapore. They had a deal on some of their masks and I liked the look of this one so I grabbed it. In general, I’m a fan of their masks so I knew I would like this before I used it. As expected, it’s really lovely, and I’ve slapped it on at least twice a week since we’ve come home. It’s gentle on the skin, but has little beads that carry out some nice sloughing action leaving my face looking very bright, clean and fresh (and most importantly: not irritated). It’s available online from Feel Unique who ship internationally.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream

This beauty is not available to purchase until October (from Net-A-Porter and Liberty London – they both ship to the Middle East), but I am a very lucky girl and was given this to try out before it hits the shelves. In a nutshell, it’s a face cream addition to the much-loved Parsley Seed line of products and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Am I the only one who gets all the feelings from Aesop products? I feel a bit mad saying that, but it’s like a complete experience, isn’t it? They smell so good, the packaging is glorious, they feel gorgeous on the skin (this one is light as air and completely disappears after application, but leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated). Love, love, love!

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

What can I say? It’s a hand cream. But it makes me feel so grown up, and it’s very, very lovely (and not at all sticky). And did I mention that the packaging is glorious? From now on, I should just rename Aesop on this blog to ‘The Amazing brand That Makes Me Feel Very Grown Up and Like I’ve Got My Shit Together’. Next!

Sephora Nuit Kajal

A very clever move on Sephora’s part, this blacker-than-black Kajal was designed specifically with the Middle Eastern market in mind. It’s their own version of the famous Kajal Eyeliner, a product that hails from this side of the globe and was traditionally made with soot, almond oil and other natural ingredients. Sephora have followed suit to an extent with their version as it’s also made from all-natural ingredients. They are bringing it out in four shades; black, blue, brown and beige and it’s available from October here, but online now. I have the black version and I’m very impressed. It’s super pigmented but also very creamy, so it doesn’t drag on application and it smudges/blends like a dream.

And that’s it for now. I am expecting the delivery of a very exciting new foundation in the next day or so, however. I ordered it from Selfridges 10 days ago and it’s taken soooo long to get here… all will be revealed (and reviewed!) soon 🙂



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