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Well hello everyone, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? 🙂

As many of you know I have been blogging about lifestyle stuff more of late, and have kept it all in one new place, so I decided it would be only right to come back here to my old home for a hair update!

Roll back a couple of months when I paid a visit to The Loft Fifth Avenue in Wasl Vita on Al Wasl Road. Kerastase very kindly invited me for a consultation with one of their hair experts as I’d been whinging quite loudly on my blog about the state of my hair.

It wasn’t the usual run of the mill consultation and there were electronic devices involved, mainly in the form of a nifty little handheld gadget that could look at dryness, density, hair fall, colour, and basically all of my hair history. “Are you fond of home dying your hair Simone? I can see about four different colours in here” Hahaha… nervous laugh. Mortifying! Let’s just say my home dyeing skills are not the best…

Anyways, the consultation was seriously impressive. I found out that my hair is not damaged at all (amazing really, considering how I treat it) but it is quite dry (apparently the confusion between damaged hair and dry hair is very common, and using the wrong products can be harmful to your hair health). The density of my hair is normal and I have normal hair fall however, I do have a little bit of dandruff (aargh!) which she said was because I don’t wash shampoo out of my hair properly! We discussed all my hair concerns in-depth, namely dryness and lack of volume and the specialist from Kerastase prescribed a new hair product plan for me.

Now, a couple of months later, I can honestly say that I have not deviated from it (even though it takes me about 20 minutes to do my hair!) and my hair has reaped the benefits as a result. You’ve probably seen these products pop up on my SnapChat (simonescribes) and Instagram over the last few months, but here they are again anyway, in the order I use them;

Resistance Thickening Effect Shampoo
I use this three to four times a week and find it gives my hair a little bit of a lift, even once I blast it dry. It smells good and doesn’t weigh down the hair. What else can I say about a shampoo? 🙂

Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Cream
Probably one of my all-time favourite hair products (read my full review of it here) – I use this on damp hair through the ends of my hair, and also on the ends again once it’s dry to smooth flyaways. It’s done wonders for my dry hair and I actually can’t be without it now.

Spray à Porter OR Mousse Bouffante
Depending on the look I’m going for (usually “oh my god I’m late”) I more often than not reach for Spray à Porter to give my damp hair lift and texture before running out the door. It’s kind of like a sea salt spray and does a great job of mussing up the hair with no sticky/crispy bits of hair in sight. If I have more time in the morning, I’ll finger comb a dollop of Mousse Bouffante through instead and then blast with the hairdryer for quite an unbelievable volume injection, again with no sticky or crispy feeling #winning

Lift Vertige
This actually goes on at the same time as Spray à Porter but only if I’m blow-drying my hair afterwards. The Kerastase consultant gave me a very clever tip with this product – I squeeze a coin-sized amount onto my fingertips and then juj it into the roots of my hair. Then I blow-dry, focusing on these particular sections and BOOM! Massive volume please and thank you. I bloody love this product!

And that’s it. Are you still with me? 🙂

I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually sticking with using the same products (for once) or if it’s because I’m getting old and lazy, but following this product plan is really working for me so I’ll be sticking with it for a little longer.

Anyways, that’s all for now. If you have any hair-related questions let me know and I implore you to buy the Elixir Ultime Creme – it’s amazing! 🙂

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