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Back for a brew

Back for a brew

Back for a brew in Dubai.

Laura and I got together for a catch-up and doctors visit. Because hey, what are best friends for except waiting around medical centres while you get your thumb x-rayed?

It turns out that my thumb is actually broken (I suppose that can be expected when you shut a car door on it) but it’s the small joint and not the big one so I’m only in a little bit of pain.

To commiserate, we took ourselves off to a lovely little cafe on Jumeirah Beach Road called Brew Cafe that’s very Instagram-worthy. It’s a dinky little spot, but the coffee is very good and the service was great. Highly recommend.

In general, I’m pretty happy to be back in Dubai even though I was sad leaving home yesterday. Expect lots of coffee Instagrams and whinging about the heat in the near future.

Back to normal really 🙂



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