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Home sweet home

We arrived home in Ireland last weekend after an almost two-year hiatus.

So far, this trip home has reminded me of all the reasons I love Ireland, and its people. I have drank more tea and had more lovely conversations with random strangers than I have in three years in Dubai.

Most of our time has been spent in Galway although I am currently writing this blog post from Dublin, where we will be for the next few days. After that, we hit the road to my favourite place in Ireland – Kinsale, where we will no doubt have a fabulous (and incredibly scenic) weekend!

Before cruising up to Dublin this afternoon, we hung out at a super cool cafe on the beach in Salthill for an hour or two. It’s called Jungle Beach Break Cafe – a small, surf hut style spot, that provides outdoor crate seating and serves up yummy coffee. If you’re from Galway, or find yourself at a loose end there on a visit, I highly recommend you pass by.

I uploaded a little vlog this week also, if you want to check it out. Although, it’s not the most exciting one I’ve ever uploaded. Imagine me on a farm in Co. Mayo and you’ll get the gist of it… 🙂

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