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Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer

I only picked this up two days ago, and I’m already in love.  So here is a gushing review, that will conclude with the insistence that we all need this in our makeup bags for like, ever.

The back story to this purchase is as follows: I was in Laura’s house having a glass of vino and watching YouTube videos (nothing new there) including ones featuring the hilarious and beautiful Rachel Leary. If you are not subscribed to her, I strongly recommend that you do – she’s personable, super skilled at makeup and hilarious.

We were watching this particular video of hers, and a couple of minutes in she whipped out this product from Giorgio Armani. As soon as she started applying it, we both decided on the spot that we needed to make a purchase. It looked beautiful, applied easily and left a gorgeous, not-too-orange glow on the skin. Immediate need.

Fast forward to two days ago when I was in Dubai Mall for a meeting and spotted the Giorgio Armani counter in Bloomingdales just as I was about to leave. The sales assistant explained that there are two available shades in Dubai; one orange/pink shade and one neutral/tan shade, and that the latter was the best seller and worked with all skin tones. So I ran to the counter with it and only flinched slightly when she told me that it retailed for AED290 (!)

As expected, it’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t get enough of it. It’s so easy to apply (and I generally hate/avoid cream products) – you just dab 2 to 3 dots on each cheek/top of the forehead/all over your face/wherever and blend with a small, round brush. It leaves the most beautiful, bronzed glow on the skin, with a hint of dewiness and it lasts pretty much all day.

Downsides: It’s very, very expensive obviously, and packaging wise – I’m not keen on the applicator. When you lift the lid the dropper is covered in product, so you have to be careful lifting it out – making sure it doesn’t drip everywhere, etc.

Neither of these things put me off however, as it’s absolutely gorgeous (I also think  it will last forever as you use the tiniest amount of product each time).

If you use it already, let me know what you think of it and what other Giorgio Armani products you recommend. I’m already thinking about the Maestro cream blush… eek.

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