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Chelsea boots

ASOS Chelsea boots

The irony of talking about my new winter boots while literally surrounded by sand is not lost on me. I’m going home to the old sod in a few weeks so it’s full steam ahead with everything winter related!

I’m excited about my trip but the thought of being frozen to the core for two weeks doesn’t really appeal to me. What does appeal however, is wearing all the winter shiz. Boots, coats, scarves, gloves, ear muffs – OK, ear muffs might be a step too far but you get the idea.

The last pair of boots I had at home were Uggs (don’t judge me) so I decided it was high time I bought a new pair. I have never owned a pair of Chelsea boots even though I’ve always thought they were quite cool so I decided to remedy that via ASOS and their monstrous shoe section.

Chelsea boots

At 40 quid and made from real leather, they are good value so it was a relatively guilt-free purchase. When they arrived I immediately put them on (with my pajamas no less) and started touring around the house. The leather is really strong and sturdy and they are very comfortable, even though the fit is a bit snug. If I was buying them again I’d probably go one size up purely so I could wear thick woolly socks, etc.

I’d like to think that I’ll wear them with tights and nice winter dresses when I’m home but I’ll most likely end up living in jeans and sweaters (and smothered in flu) like I always do.

Next up, coats! I can neither confirm nor deny that I bought more than one… 🙂

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