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The Weekend Post – “I Bought A Mannequin”

Mr G’s reaction was quite funny, on one hand he was ready to chastise me because really, what did I need a mannequin for? But on the other hand he was secretly wondering whether the preggo hormones had won and this was the moment that confirmed I had actually lost my mind. I assured him that the mannequin was in fact quite cool and no, I was still in possession of my mind thank you very much. He inquired as to the location of said mannequin and then went to have a look for himself. Imagine the relief etched on his lovely face when he entered the makeup studio and realised that it was not in fact, a shop window mannequin with arms and legs akimbo and freaky staring eyes but a rather pretty printed sewing mannequin that, as I said before, was quite cool!



With harmony restored and relieved looks all round, I then announced I wanted to paint the makeup studio, get some new furniture and maybe new drapes. The stricken ‘has she lost her mind’ look returned momentarily, and then as any sensible man worth their salt would do, he decided to nod and smile and leave me to my interior decoration ponderings, secretly hoping that a) it was just a phase and b) no more mannequin’s would appear.

So, that’s whats happening at the moment. I’ve decided to ‘do up’ the makeup studio as my Mother would say and because of the wonder that is Pinterest my inspiration and ideas know no bounds. I’m thinking Lavender, deep purples, one or two pieces of statement furniture and some interesting soft furnishings. These images I came across on The Decorista’s inspiration board are so er, inspiring!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

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