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November to-do list

Welcome to my November to-do list!
It involves hair stuff, shopping, packing and catching up with friends visiting in Dubai 🙂

I have a few things to be getting on with this month as we’re travelling home for Christmas in a few weeks! The last time we spent Christmas in Ireland was 8 years ago so it’s fierce excitement all round. I could explode into a ball of glitter at any moment 🙂

So here’s the craic for November.

Hair appointment

The grey is out of control so I’m off to see Anthony in Pastels to get my colour done this month. I’m also contemplating a new look, but I don’t think I want to cut it. What do you think? Maybe bangs? I’m thinking a wispy, long sort of fringe – which I will most likely regret as soon as I’ve cut it. But I feel like I need to do something as it’s just long and same-y. What can I say? I have hair issues 😉

Christmas shopping

I’m a bit more organised this year and there is some seriously great stuff online so I’ve already bought a few bits and pieces. I really love giving (and receiving, hee hee) cute, quirky stuff like mugs, stationary and other trinkets so ASOS is currently doing it for me.

These are some of the cutest bits I’ve come across so far;



Find a car boot sale/have a garage sale

We arrive back in Dubai at the end of December and then a few weeks later we’re er, moving house. What is it that people always say? Moving house is right up there stress-wise with getting married and having a baby?! Yeah, fun times. We’ve been in our current place for four years so we have amassed an enormous amount of junk things, hence the need to get rid of some stuff. If anyone knows of any decent car boot sales or similar happening in Dubai please let me know 🙂


I’m on a health kick at the moment (sort of). I have been eating relatively well and moving a little bit more, but I still have a few pounds left to shed before we get on the plane home, so I’ll be sticking with my old buddie, My Fitness Pal for a few more weeks. I track calories on the app every day and it counts my steps, so it’s a good reference point and stops me overeating.

Net-A-Porter order?

Following on nicely from sticking to my diet is my ‘reward’ order from Net-A-Porter once I drop the last few pounds 🙂 My wishlist on Net-A-Porter is primed and ready to go, so I just need to drop those pounds and then hand over my credit card! Easy, right?! I shall hopefully be treating myself to a pair of Acne Jensen boots as I have loved them from afar for a few years now, maybe a tiny little bag from Sophie Hulme and a few little makeup and hair bits.



Hang out with Bailie

Natasha B. is gracing Dubizzle with her presence later this month and I am most excited! We’re planning all the coffee/toddler play dates, wine, more coffee, and so on and so forth. We have actually never met in real life which is weird, as I have always considered her a mate. She moved to Singapore with her husband just after we left, then we had kids around the same time, so I’ve always felt like we have lots in common. If you don’t watch her vlogs then you should go check them out, as she’s great – and hilarious. And she lives in Brighton! #VloggerGoals

What’s on your to-do list in November?

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!




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  • Reply Helly

    Hey Lovey, Apparently the one in DBS is pretty good and is on either next weekend or the weekend after?? Could be worth a fb stalk on DBS page!! xx

    November 12, 2016 at 9:01 pm
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