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New Breton stripes and breakfast

Breakfast at The Scene this morning was interesting. Mainly because Helen and I spent most of it slack-jawed, watching Donald Trump give his acceptance speech… mad altogether.

As one of my friends said on Facebook earlier today: ‘Sure, it’ll be good craic anyway’. That it will my friend, that it will 🙂

Anyways, enough election talk – it’s time to focus on more lighthearted things like yummy breakfast and new clothes!

The Scene opened their gorgeous outdoor terrace a few weeks ago so that’s where we parked ourselves this morning for a bit of grub. They’re running a great 2 for 1 offer on their breakfast menu at the moment, so Helen had the omelet and I had crushed avocado and eggs on toast.

Sitting out there this morning made me realise how much I love this time of year in Dubai – the temperature was perfect, the food was great and the view from The Scene’s terrace is incredible. #Blessed 😉

The Scene Dubai, Pier 7, Breakfast, Simone Scribes

Just before we scarfed down the breakfast, I asked Helen to take a quick picture of me so I could showcase my new top.

After I saw the picture I said to her; ‘oh my god, the state of me! I need to wear more makeup’.

I left the house in a hurry this morning so the makeup effort was pretty poor. I really do feel very bare when I don’t have a decent amount of slap on. Who else feels like that? Eyeliner in particular really does it for me, so when I don’t have lots of it on, I feel naked/old/tired.

Who else feels like that? Eyeliner in particular really does it for me, so when I don’t have lots of it on, I feel naked/old/tired.

The Scene, Pier 7, Dubai, Whistles, ASOS

The new top in question is part of an ASOS order that arrived yesterday (hurrah!).

It’s a beautiful Breton top from Whistles and it caught my eye because I’m a fan of Breton, and currently have only one other in my wardrobe, which is made from a heavier material – too warm for this time of year.

This one is nice and light, and a jersey/cotton mix, so it’s structured but also slouchy and super comfortable, and it has a gorgeous tie detail on the sleeves.

You can roll it up and tie at the elbow, or roll it down to the wrist and tie it there. Lovely 🙂

I wore it with my trusty Frame Denim jeans and the usual other bits and bobs.


I should also just mention my hair really quickly.

I paid a visit to Anthony yesterday and he spruced up my mop like never before! I’m talking cut and colour, extensions, the whole shebang – but more on that later this week.

Now, I must away and get ready for this evening as Laura and I are going out for burger and beers. We’re super ladylike like that, and we’ve both been eating healthy in preparation, haha! 😉

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!


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