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New hair and french toast

I had my hair done last week and this morning I enjoyed a sensational breakfast at Friends Avenue, so I figured I’d chat about both in one big blog post!

First up, the hair. I paid a visit to my amazing hair guru of old, Anthony Walsh at Pastels Salon, for a bit of a makeover. I considered lopping all my hair off and adding some bangs as I was so fed up with the lack of volume/oomph but Anthony convinced me that it was time to give extensions a go.

Not extensions in the traditional sense I might add (which put the fear of god into me) – Anthony recommends Balmain Hair; high quality ‘wefts’ of hair that can be attached neatly underneath your own to add volume and thickness.

First, he sorted out my colour as the grey was a bit out of control. He added a nice rich brown to the roots and then applied a toner to take town the slightly brassy ends – I basically told him I wanted ‘rich bird hair’… haha! 🙂

Balmain Hair, Pastels Salon, Simone Scribes

Once that was done, he produced one pack of Balmain Hair (luckily a perfect colour match to mine) and started applying the wefts. The pack had three wefts; one for the back of my head and two for the sides. Anthony placed them so that they are hidden nicely by my own hair but high enough on my head that they feel secure and won’t move.


The extensions only took about 30 minutes to apply, and once they were in I couldn’t believe the difference! My hair looked and felt so much thicker and they blended so nicely with my own mop.

I opted to use one pack for thickness/volume only, but Anthony explained that lots of women use two packs (depending on how thick their hair is) to obtain volume and add extra length.

New hair, Friends Avenue, Pastels Salon, JLT

One pack will set you back around AED1400, and once you buy a pack you have them forever. The hair is extremely high quality and can be used for years providing you look after it and don’t use harsh shampoos, etc. The extensions can be left alone for 6-8 weeks, and then you need to have them refitted again, which costs about AED200-AED350.

I am so thrilled with the finished result and highly recommend you visit Anthony if you need a bit of a hair lift. He’s the man 🙂

Friend Avenue, Breakfast, Simone Scribes

Now, enough hair talk – onto the food!

Laura and I visited one of our old haunts this morning; Friends Avenue, to check out their new menu – specifically, the breakfast menu 🙂

It didn’t disappoint and we inhaled two bowls of green goodness pretty quickly; poached eggs, avocado, halloumi, quinoa and kale topped with almond flakes. Yummy!

We didn’t stop there either, we couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering their new special dish: peanut butter and jelly french toast! O.M.G…

French Toast, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Simone Scribes, Friends Avenue

It was pretty sensational I have to say, even if I did feel like I needed a small nap after eating it!

On our little excursion this morning I wore some new threads, mainly this gorgeous lavender blouse from ASOS. I love light and airy tops and this one hangs just right. Highly recommend.

And it’s the perfect partner for distressed jeans which I basically live in 🙂

Thank you for reading as always, as see you again soon!


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