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New in skincare: Clarins Boosters

Clarins Boosters arrived on my desk last week… and promptly stayed there for a couple of days, just so I could look at them. Because look how pretty they are! 🙂

Gorgeous packaging aside, I quite like these – and I’m going to tell you why.

Boosters are not what they seem. When I first clocked eyes on them I thought ‘oh god, more serums’. Not that I don’t like serums, I just don’t need 153632 of them. I like to use one, maximum two – and that’s only if my skin is being particularly nightmarish.

No, Clarins Boosters (aside from being ridiculously cute) were created to customise your skincare routine. The concept is actually quite clever. You stick with your usual moistuiser or whatever you’re using, and when your skin is feeling extra dry or knackered, or sensitive after a facial or sun exposure, etc. – you add 3-5 drops of one of the Boosters to what you’re using and apply as normal.

Clarins Boosters Detox Repair Energy

The green one is Detox. So if your skin has been exposed to extreme pollution, or if you’re extremely knackered or stressed out, or a smoker, or if in general you feel that your skin is quite damaged, this one is for you. It purifies the skin, makes it stronger and helps give it a more radiant appearance.

The blue one is Repair. Ideal for peeps like me who live in the Middle East, this one is perfect for skin that is regularly exposed to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), or if your skin is dry and tight, itchy or over-sensitised/red. It soothes, hydrates and repairs the skin making it feel more comfortable.

The orange one is Energy (and my current fave). If you don’t get much sleep because you have an overly energetic fun-sized person in your life who likes to wake at all hours, or if you work late/too much, and your skin is generally looking shit because you have no energy, this one is for you. It just boosts the skin – exactly as they say it will. I add about 5 drops to my Oskia moisturiser and it just looks bloody fantastic in the morning. Glowy and rested and lovely.

You can also mix and match all three, which is a nice touch. I was reading the blurb for each one and nodding along, as I could basically do with using them all, pretty regularly. This is what having a toddler does to you, eh 🙂

Overall, I’m pretty impressed – I think they are a great addition to any current skincare routine. And let’s be honest, no matter how well we look after our skin, I think we can all agree that at times our skin really does need a boost. And this is exactly what they do. How wonderful 🙂

Clarins Boosters are available now on-counter, or online from Selfridges, Harrods or Nordstrom if you’re in the U.S.

Have you tried them yet? Or are you planning to?



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