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Lush products are relatively new to me, apart from a non-event with a face mask a few months ago I haven’t really embraced the range that much. Up until recently I haven’t been massively drawn in by all-natural products, I don’t change my skin and body care that much and the main reason really is that there’s no Lush store in Bahrain. Apparently, there used to be one here a few years ago but it didn’t take off (??) so they shut up shop. I splurged on a few bath bombs and the like when I was in Dubai but it was only when my friend arrived here from Kuwait laden down with Lush goodies for me that I really started to feel the love.

I’ve been loving a few in particular, so here’s a bit of a rundown of each. First up is the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub. I adore this, it’s just gorgeous to use and so effective and it smells er, lush. It’s solid and scrubby (?) enough that it really exfoliates the skin but in a very gentle way. It doesn’t irritate or increase redness on my face and maybe that’s all down to the delicious ingredients; coconut, grapefruit, lime, sea-salt and er, vodka. Sold!

Next up, I’ve been using Rub Rub Rub, an exfoliating sea salt shower scrub. Similar in ingredients to the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub, it contains lemon juice, sea salt and jasmine, amongst others. This is another beautiful product, a bit liquidy and gloopy in texture, it’s lovely to use and again really exfoliates the skin without being too harsh. The blue colour also makes me happy, how can you not love using this in the morning? Yes indeed.

Lastly, Big Shampoo, this has me in a bit of a conundrum. I’m all about big hair as much as anyone else but this just doesn’t follow through. Yes, it’s amazing to use and lathers up like no other shampoo I’ve ever owned and it leaves the hair squeeky clean but big and oomph-y? No. I just love using it though, it’s so satisfying as it really cleans the hair and who doesn’t love a good lather?!

So there we are, my current favourites if you will. Any major must-have’s I’m missing out on? I’m considering turning my shower room into a Lush only zone so recommend away, I’m only too happy to take note!

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  • Reply glitzylady

    I just bought ocean salt and big shampoo last night and really happy with it. 🙂 You should try their shower gels. It’s Raining Men and Dirty is on the top of my list. 🙂

    May 3, 2012 at 11:20 am
    • Reply Simoneg

      I’ve heard SO much abut It’s Raining Men actually, that’s next on my list!

      May 17, 2012 at 12:57 pm

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