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I’m as fickle about nails as I am about makeup and can never decide what season or trend I should be trying to emulate. As a result,  I end up with a bunch of shades that are quite random, as you can see above. I love a nice coral shade and always have some version of a blue shade to hand and so they’ll always be knocking around somewhere, but lately I’m really into darker shades too – especially ones that have a bit of something something going on, like flecks of gold or black.

When I moved from Bahrain to Dubai at the end of the summer, I got rid of a lot of my old polishes as I just wasn’t showing them any regular love. The above picture is what I’m left with, a lovely little capsule collection if you will, and I can honestly say that I love them all equally.

Blue Fabuleaux from Bourjois is probably my current favourite, you can read my blog post on it here. At the same time this came out, so did it’s sister shade Rose Imaginaire, a deeply delicious pink coral shade that looks fabulous with a tan. Chanel Holiday has also become a firm favourite since I got my paws on it back in June, around the same time I acquired Turquoise and Caicos from Essie. Although I love both of the latter, they don’t seem to last very long and so I usually change them up again after three days or so (annoying yes, but I still love them). The most recent additions are rather interesting; Cassis Sorbet from Maybelline is a gorgeous, gorgeous deep pink/purple shade that has serious staying power. The first time I wore it it lasted almost 8 days before chipping. Impressive, no? Unsurprising really as it does promise to last 10 days before wilting. My two ‘winter’ shades, if you will, are from Make Up For Ever and Max Factor, respectively. Glam Green by Max Factor comes in the cutest, tiniest little bottle and it’s the moodiest, darkest green I’ve ever seen with slivers of silvery black running through it, decent staying power too. Black with Blue Highlights (that’s the name, imaginative I know!) by MUFE is equally moody, and is part of the Black Tango collection. All dark and sexy shades with a main solid colour shot through with gold or black reflects. I love the bottles too, not bad for the first nail polish effort from the French cosmetic house.

And so that concludes what I’m currently wearing on my nails, a bit of a mixed, random bag right? I feel like I’m stuck between seasons, and trends but this little collection has a bit of everything really. Are you wearing any of these shades?

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