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A hair makeover

My hair needed a little bit of TLC this week.

I did a reasonably good box dye job on it last week to cover a few greys, but you know the way it is – the colour looked too plain and flat and all my lovely highlights had gone. On top of that I really wanted to get a hair treatment or two, as the ends were a little bit dry and I had abused it slightly with all the colouring.

So, I took myself off to Pastels Salon in the Ritz Carlton on JBR for some tender love and care from their uber-stylist, Anthony. He recommended a couple of different booster treatments and an ampule from the Kerastase Resistance range as we decided to go for the balayage look again.

I vlogged my whole visit to the salon, which you can check out below. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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