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Seeing as I’m making a foray back into You Tube (sort of) I thought I’d share the You Tube love and tell you who I love to watch and why.

Drum roll please…

Claire I came across Claire a few months ago and honestly, it’s love. The girl has serious editing skills (check out this insane video – I want all the nail colours FYI) and her makeup is always sensational, unsurprising considering she’s a makeup artist! She’s also hilarious and she has amazing hair and her apartment is amazing… I’ll stop gushing now. Just go and subscribe!

Anna Like an old reliable friend who will always tell you the truth about products, that’s how I feel about Anna. I love her beauty videos, particularly her monthly favourites as I always come away with a mental shopping list. Her weekly vlogs, which are a new thing, are great too and I love how natural and easy-going she seems to be. I could just imagine having a good natter with her over a cup of tea!

Emily Not in the beauty spectrum, Emily is a fabulous filmmaker from the US. She makes the most beautiful videos and her ‘Letters to July’ series is what initially got me hooked. A few of them were so beautiful that I may even have shed a small tear (I know, loser!). Her latest one is a little clip of her making a cake and the simplicity of it is just beautiful.

Siobhan Whenever I’m looking for makeup inspiration, I always go to Siobhan (this look is still one of my all time faves). I think she is one of the most talented makeup artists around and she also happens to be in possession of the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen. The fact that she’s from the same town as me always makes me feel like I’m listening to an old friend and she’s probably one of the worst for enabling me when it comes to buying new products (this video in particular had disastrous consequences for my wallet).

Hannah I used to watch Hannah back in the day when she first started doing videos, and watching her now after getting married and having had the cutest, chubbiest baby I’ve ever seen warms my heart a little bit. Her vlogs are brilliant and I love her honest approach to parenting and juggling everything. What I don’t like however, is how amazing she always manages to look first thing in the morning! Totes unfair. Gurl has got that natural beauty thing going on.

Amelia Out of all my favourites, Amelia is definitely the worst for enabling. She tells it like it is about products which makes it really difficult to not buy everything she recommends (this video for example, is an absolute killer). I love her makeup style and I regularly leave her videos on in the background when I’m getting ready as she’s so easy to listen to. She’s always been really supportive of my YT endeavours too which makes me love her even more!

Sharon Aside from the fact that she is farking hilarious, Sharon is exceptionally talented at makeup and manages to make me laugh and want to replicate her makeup looks at the same time (this look is one of my favourites). She lives in Australia and is very far from home (no different to myself) which makes me relate to her in the same way I do Siobhan.

And there we have it. Are any of you watching these ladies on You Tube? Let me know who your favourites are – I’m always looking for new channels to subscribe to. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to mine here! 🙂


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