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Whats In My Zuca Kit – The Series


If I had a dollar for everytime people asked me what I carry around in my kit, I’d be a very rich woman! Its not an easy question to answer as my kit changes every day, dependent on the job I am working on.


This week, I was working on a corporate brochure shoot with many different models both male and female, young and old so I had a variety of products on hand. I decided to photograph my kit at the start of this job and go through each section for the purpose of blogging about it.


So, above is my actual kit and below is the image from the Zuca website. It is a Zuca Pro Sports case which comes with 4 square plastic topped inserts for products, and a slightly larger verision for toiletries. Unfortunately, I had to add in another black lined plastic carrier myself as the Zuca wouldn’t hold all my stuff!
The case comes on wheels and also with a waterproof cover which is very convenient. There are also many zippers and pockets around the outside for various things.
The top flat part of the case is also a seat, bonus!
After this post, I will be posting the first in the series of Whats In My Kit.
Stay tuned!
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