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The in-car emergency makeup bag

After sticking up a picture of this on Instagram  I got a few tweets asking what exactly was in it and why had those particular products come to reside in my car. Well, my only answer to this is I don’t really know! I’d love to say I’m really organised and thought carefully about what went into it, but the truth is everything is in there because I like it.

I’d liked it for some time and still like it, or it’s a recent like, or I was running out the door whilst applying it and it ended up in there.

Whilst rummaging through it I realised I really should add some more lip products, as there are only seven of them in there. A girl can never have enough lipgloss, right?! Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart is a new addition because I love it so much. It sits alongside some lip balm from Nivea, Show Orchid from MAC, two Bourjois glosses (one of which gives you fresh breath) and my all time fave Dior Addict lippy, Rose Starlet.

Aside from lip stuff, there’s a MAC Studio Fix Compact that I should probably throw out and a mini Avene Thermal Water Spray which I love love love. I seriously couldn’t live without it in this weather, its so nice to spritz over makeup to make it look fresh or just to generally feel less dead from the heat. Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder is also a new addition, perfect for adding a bit of glow and sparkle when I’m going from work to an event or if I just want to look a little bit more sunkissed. My all time favourite eyeshadow palette from Clarins lives in there too, it’s called 50 So Chic . I use this when I need to do evening makeup in a hurry, along with an eyeshadow brush from H&M, a Bourjois Smoky Eye pencil and Benefit Eye Bright. All of these mashed together never fail me and take no time at all to apply.

Lastly, Soap & Glory products. They’re all over my house; in my bathroom, in my makeup room, in the kitchen and now in my car. I love their mini’s, particularly Hand Food and now Hand Maid, which is a gorgeous, fruity anti-bacterial hand gel. Perfect for when your hands feel a little bit grubby. Although it looks like there are a lot of products, they’re all pretty small and fit perfectly into the cute Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic bag I got at an event. It’s a hard-wearing plastic and I love that it’s clear so I can easily put my hand on exactly what I want. Most of the time it’s in my car under the driver seat but sometimes I shlepp it around in my handbag if I want to change my look up a bit in work, and that’s it really.

I think we all have some kind of makeup stash in our car’s and most of us probably don’t realise how big the stash has become, like me… ha!


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