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Natural Sea Sponges

On my recent jaunt to Cyprus I picked up some natural sea sponges from a local market. The gentleman I bought them from extolled their virtues to me, explaining how they are the ultimate exfoliator, super gentle on the skin, long lasting and most importantly, 100% natural. How could I say no?!

I bought two, a smaller slightly softer version for the face and a larger more porous one for the body. They are light as a feather to hold but very very solid. If you had a ball of candy floss that had become rock hard, it would probably look and feel something like these sponges. When wet they retain their shape but become fabulously soft andamazing to use. I really can’t say enough about them.

Natural sea sponges are a renewable natural resource. They can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, Bahama’s, China and the East Mediterranean Sea. Hand harvested from the sea bed, great care is taken to leave pieces of the sponge on the sea bed as they regenerate back to their full size within a few years. Amazing no? If you happen to be in any of these places go grab a few, you won’t regret it!

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