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Institut Esthederm Adaptasun & Bronz Repair

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun

When you live in the Middle East, one thing you really need to invest in is good sunscreen. It get’s so hot here that wandering around without a high level of SPF slathered all over your face and bod is not an option. I’ve used many different brands of sunscreen over the years but last year I was introduced to Institut Esthederm products by Lisa Eldridge and I’ve never looked back. I first tested them out on an island trip in Bahrain when it almost reached 50 degree’s celsius and not only did I not get burnt (not even a tiny bit), I ended up with a nice little tan to boot.

Above are my latest favourites from the brand; Bronz Repair Anti-Wrinkle Tanning Cream and Adaptasun Tanning Body Lotion. Working along the same premise as most Institut Esthederm sun products, they actually work with the suns rays ensuring you get a  nice glow without burning and protect your skin at the same time. Bronz Repair is also an anti-wrinkle cream so you can lie in the sun safe in the knowledge that your skin won’t end up looking like a wrinkled old prune. What I like about these, compared to other IE products is that they are packed with Vitamin C & F and have a built-in anti-dehydrating complex so after use your skin feels absolutely amazing. Institut Esthederm products are not cheap but they are worth the splurge in my opinion, think of it as making a really good investment for your skin – plus, they last an age. They’re available in Dubai from all Boot’s pharmacies and you can also order them online from Feel Unique, who incidentally have 10% off the entire range at the moment!

What are your favourite sunscreen products? I’ve just got my hands on Bioderma Bronz Invisible Sun Mist so I’m looking forward to trying that out too.

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    I really want to try the bioderma bronz mist! I definitely want to try these while there is 10% off on feel unique

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    March 19, 2013 at 6:16 pm
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