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Inno Peel at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics

So it’s finally time to tell you about my face peel experience. 

Why finally? Well, a) it took my skin a bit longer than I had anticipated to go back to normal and b) I forgot to write the review. At least I’m honest, eh? 🙂


I paid a visit to Rebecca Treston Aesthetics in Jumeirah back in May for a consultation with a view to getting a face peel. Rebecca is from the UK, and a qualified Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist. She has a really good reputation here in Dubai so I was excited to have a chat with her.

As many of you know, my main concern when it comes to my skin is pigmentation. Unfortunately, it has come along in leaps and bounds in the last year – mainly on my forehead with milder patches on the tops of my cheeks and tip of my nose. I explained this to Rebecca and she examined my skin, before telling me that;

1. Yes, I had pigmentation and yes she could see it but she thought it was pretty mild

2. My skin was very good in general and it looked a fair whack younger than my (almost) 30 years (I nearly kissed her when she said this obvs)

She said whatever skincare regimen I was following was working pretty well and she was pleased when I detailed the products I was using. Nonetheless, she recommended a mild Inno Peel for me, which is basically a skin resurfacing peel treatment that rejuvenates and resurfaces the skin and increases collagen production.

The Peel

The peel took look less than 10 minutes to apply. Rebecca cleansed my skin then applied the peel with a brush all over my face taking care to avoid the mouth and under eye area. It had a slight yellow tinge to it and my face looked pretty shiny afterwards. She told me to leave it on for two hours and then gently wipe it away with gauge, which she supplied. She said it would start to peel in a day or two, but not badly and to ramp up the level of SPF I was using in the meantime as my skin was exposed and sensitive after the treatment.

So far, so good right? After two days of nothing my skin started peeling with gusto. It was a bit of a shock to be honest. By day three the skin around my nose, mouth and chin was incredibly tight, sensitive and sore. I mistakenly applied makeup to try to cover it up while at work but that seemed to make it very angry. Everything stung like a bitch; water, makeup, sunscreen – everything. If you watch no. 4 of my weekly vlogs you can see what it looked like and how I was feeling (very whiny FYI).

Almost exactly a week after the peel, I stopped looking like a flaky croissant but my skin was still very irritated and red. And a day or two after that it regained its senses.

The results 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with the results. Although my face peeled very enthusiastically, it only occurred on the side of my nose, chin and edges of my mouth. Nothing happened on my forehead and tops of my cheeks where I actually have pigmentation. I did read online however, that the peeling location can’t really be controlled. Some people peel all over, some only in patches like me.

I feel like my pigmentation has got worse since the peel but as Laura pointed out, it did work on other areas of my face and maybe these newly renewed areas are making it look worse than it was before.

On the up side, the texture of my skin has never been better. It’s incredibly smooth and soft and has stayed that way since I had the treatment. I did consider going back for a more intensive peel but that would be a) admitting major vanity as my pigmentation isn’t that bad as of yet and b) really stupid as I barely coped with the aftermath of this one.

In conclusion, I don’t regret doing it but I think I might have set my expectations too high when it came to the results. The Inno Peel costs Dhs800 and there are different strengths available as mentioned above.

Have you ever had a face peel? And if yes, how did you find it? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Reply Bella

    Sounds painful, and I am sorry it was disappointing! I went to a consultation for a glycolic acid peel a couple of months ago. I was prescribed pharmaceutical vitamin A cream to prepare my skin, and boy, did even that take getting used to! It stung quite a bit (my glasses on my face hurt) and peeled a little. And she gave me the milder prescription version.
    Upside is that my skin texture has improved 100% (no more crater like pores and very even skintone) and that this excellent result of the vitamin A cream combined with my fear of the peeling means I actually haven’t been back!! LOLOL. I may still do this sometime, but for now I am simply making sure I never run out of vit A cream again…(and my medical insurance paid for the cream so it was all fantastic LOL).

    July 2, 2014 at 6:01 pm
  • Reply Mamalaide

    I love your blog and instagram! Pigmentation is really common with pregnancy, a few friends and I had an experience with it. We all had really good results with LPL and BBL treatments. One of my estheticians in the USA said Harvard did a study on BBL and it literally can stop the skin from aging when done two times a year. This is all anecdotal of course but my friends with fair skin like yourself said the same things about the peels, they didn’t do much for them! I haven’t tried any laser in UAE, but if you find some please share! However, just watched your everyday makeup video and I thought your pre makeup skin looked fabulous!

    July 15, 2014 at 7:57 pm
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