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Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection 2013

Oh my actual god, is what I said when I first clapped eyes on these beautiful pieces from the new Guerlain Collection.




It’s just a feast for the eyeballs, isn’t it? So bright and punchy and pretty. The bits you can see above are as follows;

1. Crazy Paris Eye Palette. Pigmented, pretty and a crazy mix of shades (not really – it’s pretty sedate isn’t it?). Seriously though, I really like this palette – it’s heavy and the sleek packaging appeals to my shallow side.

2. Crazy Champs Élysées Météorites Pearls. I thought this would be quite finicky to use with a brush for some reason, but it’s actually very easy. The melange of pearls result in a beautiful dusky pink blush/soft focus look. Like!

3. La Petite Robe Noire So Crazy! Perfumed Shimmer Powder. Honestly, I’m not really sure what I’m doing with this. I’ve puffed it onto my hair, my bod and face and it seems to add a nice bit of shimmer but the mist is so fine that I’m not really sure whether I’m dousing myself in it or barely spritzing anything. Cool idea though and it smells pretty nice too.

4. Crazy 863 Rouge G de Guerlain. Hands down, my favourite piece from the collection. This lipstick is to-die-for. So creamy and magnificently pigmented, and the packaging is crazy! A little integrated mirror flips open as soon as you whip out the lipstick – bloody genius! It’s quite heavy too and the black lacquered packaging makes me feel like I’m carrying around the Chanel of lipsticks.

The entire collection is available now from all the usual places and online from Harrods. A nice collection for self-gifting I’d say… 🙂


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