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Dot by Marc Jacobs

This was a press sample sent to me recently and much squealing ensued when I opened the package it came in. The reason? It’s a 4ml bottle. 4ml! The cuteness is just too much for me. It fits in the palm of my hand and looks a little bit like a ladybird. I mean, come on (insert squeal here).

Naturally, I’ve been leaving it around the house like a little toy I can look at as it makes me smile when I see it. Aside from the obvious cuteness overload, it’s also a pretty nice fragrance. I knew it would be as I’ve been quite obsessed with Marc Jacob’s fragrance offering’s ever since I tried out Oh! Lola, which I absolutely adored. Dot smells like fun and freshness in a bottle, cheesy I know but as I’ve mentioned in the past I’m pretty useless at describing perfumes. I’ve decided to purchase the 50ml bottle of this as it’s my kind of fragrance (its 340AED here) but for now, it’s dinky little sibling will be coming on some handbag adventures!

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