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Do It Like A Duchess

At last! A website dedicated to all things Kate! Yes, we’d all like to pretend we’re not obsessed with everything she wears, how she styles her hair and of course, how she does her makeup but the sad fact is we are, and I doubt this obsession will go away anytime soon!

Thankfully, some very clever people have realised this and now we can find everything we need to know in one place! Duchess of Cambridge Style is a shiny new website dedicated to providing us mere mortals with a daily rundown of everything  Mrs Windsor is wearing from jeans to shoes, jewellery, makeup and where to get them!

The makeup section of the site is a little bit thin on the ground but then again, unless she does her makeup in front of the world’s media, we’ll just have to make do with the paparazzi grilling poor employee’s of Boots about what she bought! (Nivea Face Cream in case your wondering)

So go on, have a look here – you know you want to!

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