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Ask Simone – Uneven Skintone

A detailed question from Madiha.

“Hey, I live in Bahrain; a very hot country. The problem i’m facing is, my skin is getting dark day by day and its not evenly getting dark my arms are the most dark. Is vaseline healthy white a solution, and where I can find it here in Bahrain? I have been looking for it for so long now. Can you please reply as soon as possible because my wedding is around the corner…”

Dr. Mona Mirza has kindly answered the question below.

I understand the stress one goes through just before their wedding. First of all, in regards to whitening/ brightening the darker parts of your body, any lightening cream, lotion would take considerable time to work. I am not familiar with the results of Vaseline white, however in your case as time is short, the quickest way to deal with this is to have regular scrubs, moroccan baths, or home scrubs such as combining gram flour with a half teaspoon of  turmeric, blended with yoghurt and crushed almonds.  After the scrub apply a moisturiser from the pharmacy containing a mix of the following botanicals, kojic acid, mulberry, lemon extract, arbutin, liquorice, bearberry. Usually there are many products which have these available.Apply twice daily. Results are visible within 2 weeks.

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  • Reply Jenny Lynam

    Very good post Simone as always. The best skin brightening product i have visibly seen the best results with on people, is Dior Snow. As far as i know their is results within a week.

    July 30, 2011 at 6:35 pm
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