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    A hair makeover

    A hair makeover

    My hair needed a little bit of TLC this week.

    I did a reasonably good box dye job on it last week to cover a few greys, but you know the way it is – the colour looked too plain and flat and all my lovely highlights had gone. On top of that I really wanted to get a hair treatment or two, as the ends were a little bit dry and I had abused it slightly with all the colouring.

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    Raw Coffee Company

    I’ve basically just been drinking coffee

    Forgive me blog friends, for I have sinned.

    By not posting anything for over a month, obviously. I actually can’t believe it’s been a month!

    So, where have I been and what have I been doing? Well, unsurprisingly – work has taken over my life. Running your own thing is as much work as I anticipated, and then some. But it’s all good – in fact, it’s the best thing I ever did.

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    Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

    A new foundation affair

    Unrelated fun fact: I’m watching the Six Nations right now and it’s very stressful (Ireland better win).

    So a new foundation from Laura Mercier arrived on my doorstep last week and I made this noise when I clapped eyes on it: ‘OoooOOh’. When I read the full title; Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation… I thought to myself, oh no. No, no, no. I’m currently rocking some seriously oily skin so this baby will undoubtedly make it worse, right? Wrong! It’s bloody amazing.

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    L'Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil

    Weekend links #12

    Yo yo! Another weekend links post.

    First things first, I’m back on the old You Tube and it feels good! Yay! I didn’t realise how much I missed it really 🙂 I bought a new vlogging camera last weekend and promptly vlogged everything around me for about three days. You can watch the vlog here. Then, I decided to upload a quickie about a new skincare product I’ve been enjoying; L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil, above. You can watch that one here! 🙂

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