The weekly vlog #1

The weekly vlog

Alright, I did it. I made a proper vlog, which I may or may not continue on a weekly basis.

It’s a mish-mash of what I’ve been up to in the last week or so. Some of its interesting, some of it’s not. I went for dinner with Louise, went making shopping with Laura and had a spot of lunch, hung out with Charlie, walked the dogs, went to the beach, and so on.

If I continue to vlog it’ll basically be more of the same so brace yourself for the excitement! I think I may also upload one beauty video a week now, as I’m really enjoying it. Anyways, here is the vlog below. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe! :)

17 thoughts on “The weekly vlog #1

    1. Simone Post author

      Aha I don’t know about that Patricia! I cut all the bits of me saying “is this thing on?!”

  1. ArtDonatella

    I loved this vlog, your house is beautiful and Dubai looks amazing! (You have a pretty cool life, missus…and Charlie is adorbs :D). Also, sooo good to see Laura on video again, she looks amazing with blonde hair xx

  2. Amy

    Great peak into your life and as a fan of Lollipop26 it was SO great to see and hear her again. She and you have a great time together. Love girls who love makeup and food.

    1. Simone Post author

      And wine Amy, not forgetting the wine – we love that too, haha! Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Liza

    Hi Simone, great video, please go on! It would be nice if you’ll share your favourite kids friendly places as I’m constantly searching for those with my 9 month old one) thanks!

    1. Simone Post author

      Hi Liza, are you looking for soft play places or kiddie friendly cafes? Play A Round in The Jewels, Dubai Marina is good for little babies. They have a small soft play area and a lovely coffee shop where you can sit and relax. I also take Charlie to Caboodle every now and then (there’s one in Citywalk and one in Dubai Mall).
      You should pick up a copy of Time Out Kids magazine, they list lots of great places to bring small kids, etc. Hope that helps! xx

  4. Sita

    Simone this was BRILLIANT.
    Loved it!
    Fab blend of make-up, food, clothes, Dubai culture and cute puppies & even cuter toddlers!!!
    I actually enjoyed this more than you’re make-up haul videos, and the daily snippets was just genius.
    And it’s so nice that all the Dubai based bloggers are friends.

    1. Simone Post author

      Aww thanks Sita! So glad you liked it. I’m definitely planning to do one more anyways and then we’ll see where it goes! :)

  5. Beth

    Going over to subscribe immediately! Can’t wait to watch this vlog and see some of Dubai and what you get up to, yes I’m nosy :)



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