New stuff and matte lipstick

Ray ban aviators

Today was a bit ridiculous. I’m just going to put that out there. 38 degrees and it’s not even May yet? Not cool Dubai, not cool.

I sweated my way from the office to a lovely cafe across the road to meet my friend Helen for lunch and then I sweated all the way back again. I may even have mopped my brow at my desk, but you know what? It’s OK. It’s OK because I wore all the new things today and they made me happy :)

New matte lipstick from INGLOT, which by the way – is sensational. When I was applying it, I was thinking ‘oh no’ because it felt like a really dry pull-on-your-lips kind of formula. But once on it was another story. It’s very smooth, delivers a serious pop of colour and feels quite soft and moisturising on the lips, even though it’s seriously matte. It also lasted me through two meals, one coffee and er, one lemon meringue pie. Oops.

INGLOT matte lipstick

The other new things consisted of Ray Ban Blue Mirrored Aviators and a Kas Collection drop necklace. I picked these up last night at an event for, a new UAE-based website that just launched last month. It’s quite similar to ASOS I suppose, but they seem to have cooler brands.

Kas Collection drop shape necklace

Can I just say, I’m completely in love with the sunglasses – oh my god, the colour is just amazeballs. I wore all blue today to compliment them – sad I know, but that’s how I roll :)

In other news, my first weekly vlog will be up tomorrow night. Am I nuts? I think I might be. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week from attempting to make a weekly vlog, it’s that I suck at vlogging. How the hell do people hold the camera at the right angle?? Also, the staring.  “Is that girl holding a camera up and talking to herself?” Yes, yes she is. Ha!

Anyways, let me know what you think when it’s up. Here’s the link to my channel!

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