Another shoe bargain

Blink flat pointed slipper shoes

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, right? Well that’s what I have been doing today – conquering.

I need another pair of shoes like a hole in the head really, but when was that ever an excuse? I was browsing ASOS innocently (as per usual) and spotted these in the side bar. Bright yellow, pointy and flat and the ideal partner for my favourite boyfriend jeans – like, literally everything I look for in a shoe.

On top of that they were on sale so I knew the gods of shopping were willing me to purchase. For GBP24, it would be rude not to! :)

The material is quite structured which pleases me – nothing worse than wearing shoes that literally cave in around your feet, and I love the slipper style. All round a win-win :)

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