Red hair (again)

Red hair

Aha! Red hair once more – although this time it’s even redder than before. I paid a visit to my beloved hairstylist Anthony at Pastels Salon in the Ritz Carlton for a spruce up and a natter this evening. He said “how bright should we go?” So I said “very bright!”, and then we laughed maniacally in unison. Good times!

The whole process took about two hours. Ant mixed up a colour for me, applied it to my dry hair and let it sit for 35 minutes. He then washed it out and applied another product to lift the colour further, and this was left on for about 10-15 minutes. Various cups of tea and water were consumed, much gossiping and nattering and then this beautiful colour was revealed once he had blow dried it like something out of a Pantene advert.

I have to say, I farking love it. I don’t think I will ever change my hair colour again. I feel like this is it! I was meant to be a redhead… what do you think? Anyone else rocking a fiery do at the moment? :)

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