Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

Although I’ve been using fake tan for about two years now, I’m still relatively new to it. I’ve had reasonable success in the past with spray tan (this one in particular) and St. Tropez wash off glow, but generally I don’t dabble too often as I don’t like mess, fuss, streaking, or waiting around to dry.

My friend Sinead (and everyone else in the Irish blogging scene it seems) recommended Cocoa Brown to me recently – an Irish fake tan brand that has taken the market by storm, as their products are apparently the opposite of all the things I hate about fake tan, above. She particularly likes their One Hour Tan, so this is the one I decided to try. One Hour Tan is a mousse formula that you leave on for a minimum of one hour, maximum of three, depending on how deep you want your colour to be and it lasts for five days. Here’s how I got on:

1. It’s easy to apply (I used a mitt) but dries on the skin quite fast so I had to work quickly. 2. It took about four minutes to do my whole body as the mousse spreads really well and applies evenly. 3. About a minute after I had finished applying it, it was dry – all over. An absolute revelation as I hate standing around like a starfish after applying tan. 4. I had a shower two hours later and then went to bed with a light tint. It continues to develop for the next couple of hours so when I woke up in the morning it was deeper again – not too fair but not too dark either. 5. There was absolutely no fake tan smell, and there still isn’t three days later.

Honestly, I can’t actually believe how good this stuff is, especially considering how cheap it is! I’m amazed. Without a doubt, it’s the best fake tan I have ever used. Imagine? I think I might tan every week now as a result!

It’s not available in Dubai, but you can easily get your hands on some from Feel Unique, who ship worldwide for free. As far as I’m aware, it’s widely available in Ireland and the UK, but correct me if I’m wrong. I know a lot of my Irish readers are using Cocoa Brown already so let me know which of their products I should try next!

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