New Sephora White Card

Sephora Loyalty Card

I paid a visit to Sephora in The Dubai Mall recently to have a look around and to find out about the new Sephora loyalty card. I must admit, I do love a good loyalty card – and it’s just as well Sephora have one as my poor credit card gets a serious boshing in there a couple of times a year.

The new loyalty card free and when you purchase anything in Sephora you will be asked to sign up. The process is pretty straightforward; at the counter they help you fill in a form with all your details and you are given your new white Sephora card on the spot, along with a welcome gift. The benefits of the card are pretty good; points will be added to it every time you make a purchase (Dhs10 = 1 point) and it can be used at any of the Sephora stores in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi and here in Dubai.

When you have accumulated 200 points, you automatically get upgraded to black membership which is even more exciting, but I’ll write a separate blog post about that. As an aside, did everyone know there is a blow dry bar in Sephora here?! Because I did not! Very excited about that and I also discovered a huge new nail section this morning, choc-ful of Ciate, Essie and OPI polishes! Clearly, I have been away from Sephora for too long!

2 thoughts on “New Sephora White Card

  1. Nina L

    I didn’t know there’s a blow dry bar in Sephora, is this only at Dubai Mall? Glad I found your blog, we’ve just moved to Dubai two months ago and all your recommendations and reviews are very helpful. x


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