A friend gave me this Chanel Rouge Allure lippy for my kit the other day as she has never worn it. I can see why as it’s not exactly an everyday lippy, but it’s  amazing in a dramatic look-at-how-daring-I-am way. Hysteria was one of the three shades on offer in the Chanel Noirs Obscurs collection way back in 2009. It reminds me a little bit of Black Honey by Clinique but applies much darker and deeper. Once on, I actually liked it and it brought me to my usual train of lipstick related thought; why don’t I wear dramatic lippy more often? Don’t get me wrong, on night’s out I’m all over it but I should really be rocking a statement lip in the daytime too. Maybe not this one though?!

What do you think? Would you wear this shade?

2 thoughts on “Hysteria

  1. Glitterishallsorts

    I don’t think I could ever pull off a shade like this but I still really like it. It’s such a statement lip!


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