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Simone Loves… Loose Shimmer Powder

I change up my makeup routine and the products I use for the summer months. Primarily as I like to wear less makeup and just look more bronzed/glowing but also because the temperature here can reach up to 50 degrees celcius so I need products that feel light/don’t cake/stay put. I’ve had a few emails regarding products that work in the heat so I’m going to do a few short posts on the products I use during the summer and why I use them.

First up is powder. I switch from compact powder to loose powder during the summer as even the smallest concentration of compact powder can cake and pool on the skin.
Whether its the bronze variety or the neutral shimmering variety, my go-to loose powder has always been Laura Mercier’s Loose Shimmer Powder, one of the best quality loose powders on the market.

I use two in particular during the summer, Sun Dust & Star Dust. The powder is so fine that it doesn’t look like powder and leaves hardly any trace on the skin.
Star Dust (above right) is a natural toned loose powder with super fine shimmery particles, perfect for using on the high points of the face for some subtle highlighting. I’ve been using this for years both personally and in my kit.
A few years ago I sampled Sun Dust (above left) and immediately fell in lust! A gorgeous warm bronze shimmery powder that gives a lovely glow, essential when I need to keep my face out of the sun in the very hot months but still want to look tanned!
Although the powders are very light and feel like nothing on the skin, they provide a nice glow and last throughout the day.
Do you change your makeup routine during the summer? Any products you swear by?
The next post will be eye products, mainly of the waterproof variety!

6 thoughts on “Simone Loves… Loose Shimmer Powder

  1. Delyteful Speaks

    >I'm dying to try out LM mineral powder!! But we don't have LM here in dubai which totally sux!!!

    star dust looks super gorg! Can we see swatches by any chance?

  2. Sarah Lanagan

    >I absolutely adore Star Dust & use it all the time for clients to give a healthy sheen to skin. Definitely a must have for anyone who wants that hollywood glow!

  3. Strawberry Blonde

    I have Star Dust too and love it, though sometimes find it a bit too shimmery for daytime. Was thinking of buying the LM loose mineral powder as I dropped my compact in the bath and it shattered :(

    Must check out Sun Dust too – is it as shimmery as the Star Dust?

    1. Anonymous

      It is, but only if you apply it quite heavy. If you are going for a light dusting of it, the shimmer is quite subtle x


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