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Simone Loves… Rimmel Hide The Blemish

How did I miss this? Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer has been available for a number of years and I have never tried it. I’ve never even swatched it! and yes, I am ashamed of myself!

Charlie from Lady of the Lane posted about this recently as a product she regularly re-buys and it piqued my interest. I had a rummage in the makeup abyss, found a sample, applied it and I have used it every day since then!
It’s a very creamy product and blends beautifully but provides decent coverage at the same time. What I also like is that its buildable but never cakes. It also smells lovely! (weird I know).
It lives in my handbag now as its perfect for touching up on the go. I also went and bought a set for my kit! There are 4 shades in total which actually provide a pretty good colour spectrum for most skintypes. It retails here for BD2.4 (4.5e/4GBP) so it’s super good value for money.

9 thoughts on “Simone Loves… Rimmel Hide The Blemish

  1. Katey

    >Buildable but never cakes sounds good to me! I'm always looking for a better concealer..mainly for under my eyes.xx

  2. Debbie

    >Might have to have a look at this, have always avoided stick concealer on basis that they are too dry and end up highlighting what I am seeking to disguise! Love the Max Factor Creamy concealer for being like dense foundation for this reason!

  3. beautydiarist

    >Ha a blast from the past – this was the only concealer that I used for my formative makeup using years, but then I sort of felt that cheap equated to rubbish when in actual fact this product works – back in the 1800s when I was using it, it came in one shade only, so it is good to see that there are a few more available. Jan x

  4. Joy

    >My friend used to be obsessed with this! I've never tried it, but it sounds so good and it would be so perfect to throw in your handbag :) May have to look into it! xx

  5. Niamh

    >AAAAH the pencil case staple product- one of the only bits of makeup that could be sneaked past the nuns!

  6. Hannah Michelle

    >Oh I bought this recently,and wasn't too sure how it would be, but I agree, I really love it!


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