Review – Boots Botanics Body Scrub

I have been on the hunt for a good body scrub for some time now and am reluctant to spend a lot of money as I have yet to find one I like. The Botanics range appeals to me as they use natural plant extracts that are gentle on your skin so I thought I would give the delicious smelling moisturising scrub a go.

According to the blurb it will give you clearer, smoother skin. It contains grapeseed oil and promises to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise in one go. On top of that, the price is a complete bargain and you get 450 mls of product.
I followed the directions; applied it to damp skin and rinsed off thoroughly. Except that it wouldn’t come off. I took the word scrub to a whole new level. I scrubbed and scrubbed and although some of it came off, a thin film remained, which can only be described as slimy. I dried off in the hope that it sinks into your skin but no, it wasn’t going anywhere. My clothes also adhered to it. Gross.
Needless to say, I hated it. I have read some other reviews and some people seem to love it.
The idea of a scrub to me is that it “scrubs” and then you are clean with no sign of the product you just used apart from maybe a nice smell.


4 thoughts on “Review – Boots Botanics Body Scrub

  1. Niamh

    >I am so glad that you reviewed this, because there is a tub of this scrub sitting on my bathroom shelf that belongs to my housemate and as we share everything, I'd been tempted to try it out, although more often than not I find the Botanics range to always veer towards the cheapo side, while being only marginally cheaper than other brands that I really like.
    I had an identical experience with another scrub that Boots stocks, it's called Scrubalicious, and it's a coconut and shea body scrub. Initially I tried to be optimistic about the oily residue left on my skin after using it in the shower, massaging it in as a moisturiser but it just felt nasty and unclean. Not to mention that the coconutty scent developed a very cheap chemical odour once dried in. Yuk!
    I have two recommendations for scrubbing; treat yourself to some really nice oil, such as cold-pressed rapeseed oil, or just use a decent olive oil. throw in some sea salt and finely ground sugar, a few drops of essential oil (lavender for before bed, peppermint or lemongrass for a morning scrub), some freshly ground black pepper or coffee grinds to stimulate the bloodflow, and massage into damp skin. This is awesome for when you're having a bit of a spa-at-home day, and the mixture can be adapted for the face also (just use castor oil, a deep cleanser, instead).
    My personal favourite brand for body exfoliators is Soap&Glory. I cannot explain how much I love these, suffice it to say, I have all of them and use them in rotation! They smell beautiful, have exactly the right amount of texture and oil, and rinse off clean, leaving just a hint of moisture that doesn't make you feel as though your freshly exfoliated cells are clinging to your skin.


    >I use Sothys body scrubs – the best
    Another great one I use is by Molton Brown, Eucalyptus & ginger body scrub.

  3. Kgnorval

    I am surprised about the comments above in reference to the body scrub I am in awe of this product It makes my skin feel like it is new even my 12 granddaughter was pleased with it it is not slimy and it makes your skin soft and supple. I buy my boots products fromn Shoppers Drug Mart here in Ontario Canada but recently they stopped selling the botanic line where can I buy it as I am running out????


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